Abteilung IFM

Infrastructural Facility Management - IFM

The Infrastructural Facility Management division is in charge of the smooth operation of research and teaching at the University of Vienna by providing the necessary framework and infrastructure. It provides the following key services:


Waste disposal management

Waste disposal management organises, coordinates and plans the disposal of all sorts of waste, in particular: bulk waste, electronic waste, hazardous waste (chemical substances, etc.), styrofoam and waste electronic equipment. Moreover, the service coordinates the disposal of documents and data and/or provides advice on the correct storage/collection of waste or waste separation.

Fire saftey and fire saftey coordination

This division is responsible for all fire safety matters at the University of Vienna. It appoints fire protection officers at the university locations and carries out the inspections stipulated by technical guidelines. In addition, it is responsible for coordinating maintenance and inspection works on the fire safety installations, carrying out evacuation drills and developing fire safety concepts.

The fire safety coordination group aims at providing advice on fire safety and implementing operational fire safety in practice at the entire University. Moreover, it is in charge of coordinating fire safety activities with the fire protection officers and assistant fire protection officers.

The group publishes reports about current news, relevant incidents and results of inspections and evacuation drills. In addition, it communicates the strategic planning process regarding the implementation of fire safety measures at the University of Vienna.

Lecurte hall support

Our employees responsible for lecture hall support provide advice to lecturers if they have questions about technology or encounter technical difficulties with the audio-visual equipment at the centrally managed lecture halls at main university locations. It is the main contact point for lecturers and provides support throughout the year. At the beginning of the winter semester, our employees at lecture hall support provide immediate assistance to lecturers in overcrowded lecture halls and (if necessary) arrange for the course to take place at another room at the subsequent course dates (if possible) and/or set up a streaming service for the course.

Porter service

Our porters are the first point of contact for visitors. They provide information and answer questions at the larger buildings of the University of Vienna.

Cleaning service

Facility and Resources Management is responsible for organising the daily maintenance cleaning service at all university buildings, as well as glass cleaning, any necessary special cleaning and occasional thorough cleaning. In addition, the Facility and Resources Management takes care of the organisation of winter services (snow clearing, etc.) as well as the management and maintenance of all green areas at the University of Vienna.

Security and security team

The Security Manager is responsible for all security matters at the University, in particular regarding personal safety and building security. Therefore, the security service team is on duty around the clock at all buildings of the University of Vienna. Our employees’ tasks include patrols, as well as recording and documenting incidents, such as burglary, thefts, vandalism or threats, in the security area. Moreover, the security team plans and develops security concepts and electronic locking systems, and coordinates security measures during events and in cooperation with authorities in case of special events.

Further information: Security management

Key management

The key management service takes care of installing and changing the locking systems at the University of Vienna. Furthermore, it is in charge of equipping university employees with locking media and/or replacing damaged locking media. Moreover, it is responsible for renewing and repairing broken cylinders, and maintaining the electronic access control systems at the University.