Abteilung RRK

Legal Affairs, Space and Communication - RRK

The Legal Affairs, Space and Communication division is in charge of strategic room planning, management of room information and the signage system, as well as the allocation of centrally managed lecture halls at the University of Vienna. Furthermore, the division is responsible for all legal affairs relating to facility and resources management and takes care of insurance claims for the entire University. Moreover, it is in charge of communication inside and outside the Facility and Resources Management unit, as well as the Customer Service Center as the unit’s central contact point.



The task of the Procurement team is, on one hand to advise on and carry out procurement procedures in accordance with the Federal Procurement Act (BVergG) for the entire university sector and the subsidiaries of the University of Vienna and on the other hand to develop procurement processes and strategies for the DLE RRM.

Further information: Invitation to tender pursuant to the Federal Procurement Act


Management of space requirements including room requirements of appointed professors

This part of the division coordinates the organisational units’ space requirements (including spaces for appointed professors) and finds appropriate space at the University’s existing premises or by searching for new suitable objects. For this purpose, it carries out building evaluations and feasibility studies and develops room and function programmes. It continuously evaluates the room situation and space requirements at the faculties, centres, departments and units, and makes adjustments if necessary. In addition, the division developed a university-wide location concept, which it continuously updates and advances.


Lecutre hall management

The lecture hall management service aims at providing centrally managed lecture halls, taking into account the scheduling requirements of the organisational units. In this context, Legal Affairs, Space and Communication strives to make sure that the centrally managed lecture halls of the University of Vienna are used in the best possible way.

Further information: Centrally managed course rooms and examinations

Communication and Customer Service Center

Our communication activities include internal communication within the Facility and Resources Management unit, communication with other units at the University (e.g. project communication) as well as coordination of communication measures with the Corporate Communications unit and the Rectorate’s press office.

The Customer Service Center is the central contact point for requests and counselling. You can reach it under +43-1-4277-777 between 8:00 and 17:00. Outside these times, your call will be redirected to the main control centre.


Signage and orientation system

The signage and orientation system service is in charge of providing building and orientation signs (including doorplates) in a consistent format throughout all buildings of the University of Vienna. The tasks involved range from the development of concepts to planning and implementation.


Room information management

The room information management service provides information about all rooms and the floor plan archive of the University of Vienna. Additionally, the service provides information about and plans of specific rooms in case of space requirements, planned reconstructions, etc.


Legal affairs/insurances

This part of the division is in charge of all legal affairs relating to Facility and Resources Management (in particular, real estate law, procurement law, insurance law). Moreover, it is responsible for preparing and negotiating the legal aspects of contracts (rent, maintenance, energy supply, etc.) that the University of Vienna concludes in these areas.

Furthermore, the legal affairs service is the main contact point for all insurance claims at the University of Vienna in the area of inventory insurances, business liability insurances, universal criminal law and legal expenses insurances, and directors and officers liability insurances.­