Occupational Health and Infrastractural Facility Management - AIF

The AIF department consists of two sub-areas:

Employee protection aims to provide all employees with the highest level of safety in the workplace and to implement solution-oriented measures with the means at our disposal. We support you with the best possible service to make the workplace safe and to protect and maintain your health.

With our activities, we make a significant contribution to creating and maintaining a basic standard of safety.

Therefore, our mission statement is: "By acting with foresight and taking appropriate preventive measures, the highest level of safety for material goods, intellectual goods and people shall be ensured with the available means."

The ongoing research and teaching operations at the University of Vienna are ensured by the foundations and infrastructure provided by the Infrastructural Facility Management team and required by the University of Vienna. This includes the areas of fire protection management, waste disposal management, auditorium support, porterage, cleaning services, security and security team and key management.

Here you can find a more detailed description of the services:


  • Occupational Health

    Safety experts

    We advise the staff on all questions concerning occupational safety and prevention, including advice on general questions of occupational safety and accident prevention, the identification and assessment of hazards, the design of workplaces and work processes, noise, indoor climate and light measurements, the determination of causal investigations and preventive measures in the event of occupational accidents.

    During our regular inspections of the workplaces, we try to sensitise the employees to these issues through preventive measures and consultations and thus continuously improve occupational safety.

    Occupational safety , occupational medicine, occupational psychology

    Our safety experts, occupational physicians and occupational psychologists work together to implement appropriate preventive measures to support employees in the performance of their tasks and to adapt workplaces to individual needs. We advise on all issues relating to occupational safety, occupational medicine and psychological stress in the workplace. Within the framework of regular visits to the workplaces, we try to raise awareness of these issues through preventive measures and consultations, thereby continuously improving occupational safety and contributing to the preservation of health and performance.

    The services we provide include:

    • Design, optimisation and adaptation of workplaces and workflows
    • Visits, inspections and consultations at workplaces
    • Analysis and assessment of workplaces and work and organisational processes
    • Hazard prevention measures
    • Job-related examinations and vaccinations
    • Actions and programmes to maintain and promote safety and health at work
  • Infrastractural Facility Management

    Fire protection management

    The task of the fire protection coordination is the fire protection supervision and implementation of the operational fire protection for the entire university area and the implementation of the necessary coordination activities with the fire protection officers and fire protection wardens.

    By means of reporting, information is provided on current events, relevant incidents and the results of inspections and alarm and evacuation exercises, and strategic planning is communicated with regard to the implementation of fire protection at the University of Vienna.


    Waste management

    Waste management organises, coordinates and plans the disposal of all types of waste, in particular: Bulky waste, electronic waste, hazardous waste (chemicals etc.), polystyrene and old appliances. Furthermore, the waste management team also coordinates the destruction of files and data and supports you in questions regarding the correct storage/collection of waste or waste separation.


    Lecture hall support

    The RRM's lecture hall support is available to lecturers as a contact person or support in the event of technical questions or faults concerning audiovisual equipment in centrally administered lecture halls at specified large locations throughout the year. At the beginning of the winter semester, the lecture hall attendants also provide immediate assistance to lecturers in the event of overcrowded lecture halls - if necessary, they help directly in the lecture hall and (if possible) also take care of rescheduling the course and/or setting up streaming for subsequent dates.


    Porter service

    Our porters are the first point of contact for information in larger buildings of the University of Vienna and answer the many questions of our visitors.


    Cleaning services

    The RRM is responsible for organising the ongoing daily maintenance cleaning of all university buildings, appropriate glass cleaning, any necessary special cleaning and occasion-related basic cleaning. The RRM is also responsible for the organisation of winter services (snow removal, etc.) and the organisation of the care and maintenance of all green areas at the University of Vienna.


    Security and security team

    The Security Management is responsible for all security issues throughout the university, in particular personal and building security. In order to be able to guarantee this, the security service team is on duty around the clock for all buildings at the University of Vienna. In addition to patrols and inspections, its tasks also include recording and documenting incidents in the security area, such as break-ins, thefts, vandalism and threats. Another service of the security management includes the planning and creation of security concepts and electronic locking systems as well as the coordination of security measures at events and the coordination with the authorities in case of special events.

    Further Information: Security Management


    Key management

    The Key Management service takes care of the entire installation and conversion of locking systems at the University of Vienna, the standard initial equipment of locking media and the replacement of damaged locking media. Furthermore, renewals and repairs of defective cylinders as well as the maintenance of the entire university EZKS systems are taken care of.