Abteilung TFM

Technical Facility Management - TFM

The Technical Facility Management division is the central competence centre for all matters regarding (technical) building operation.


The division is responsible for the following key tasks:

  • Development of a university-wide maintenance strategy
  • Development and continuous updates of servicing and maintenance plans, as well as of multi-year investment plans including profitability analyses for all university buildings (including building technology)
  • Organisation and management of repairs, service and maintenance work at university buildings
  • Management and control of external operation management
  • Development and management of a main control centre
  • Development and management of a university-wide energy management

    Facility operations

    • Main contact point in all matters regarding facility and resources management for all employees of the University of Vienna
    • Consulting of organisational units in all matters regarding equipment, furnishing and room functions
    • Organisation of transport and relocation
    • Instruction, supervision and monitoring of external contractors
    • Contact point and interface to facility management and building owners
    • Internal coordination of major construction sites and renovation works carried out by the building owners